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Easy to find outfits, but I hope they should find a way to scroll the page to the last page and not going back again to the first page

Not working well

Web site and the app is not working well, its so so slow that its drive me crazy...

Not user friendly

The appli always freezes and hangs all the time. When you click on the item and go back to the page it starts from the beginning and you have to browse the page all the way down to find where was the last item I have checked. You need to check on this appli. I always shop here so please please please.. NEED TO UPDATE!!!!


アプリを取ったとき、一番最初に日本語に設定できます。other countryを選べば日本語を選択できます。アプリの方が見やすくていいです^ ^

Track Order Is Messed Up

When you click on the track. orders tab it just takes you to a pixelated magnifying glass and at the bottom its just a list of all the different types of clothes please fix :(


The newest update to this app is awful! There are no filters, you have to click the color of the item to see multiple pictures of the clothing, and basically cant click on anything. I tried to view item details, nothing. Try to click the menu button, nothing. Search, Like, nothing. None of the buttons work. If I cant save an item, Im definitely not going to go search back through all of he unfiltered pages to find it so I can buy it. This is just ridiculous. Having reviews on the app is nice, even though I cant read those either.

Nice improvements

Happy to see that a "wishlist" type feature was added to the app. I think its less buggy finally. Used to have a weird glitch where if you hit "back" it would take you to the first page. Just reinstalled and so far it hasnt given me that issue. Still feels a little cluttered, but thats just a personal design preference. EDIT: After using the app for a bit, I have a few other suggestions, easy fixes that would just make the app more user-friendly. - Double-tap to "heart/love" items would be a nice feature - Would be nice to be able to slide right when viewing an item, in addition to hitting the tiny back button in the top left. Just makes it quicker and easier to view stuff - Again, the whole design feels a bit outdated and cluttered. More of a minimalist design would make it more usable, appealing, and modern. - Most importantly, SUB-CATEGORIES. When you press "Tops," rather than getting the option to view Blouses, Graphic Tees, Bodysuits, Sweaters, etc. it just shows you all 2,000+ tops. Maybe the option is hidden in filter or sort, but I checked and couldnt find it. Even if the option is hidden somewhere, it should be highly visible, in the sidebar that appears when you go into the "Shop" menu. Edit 2: Sub-categories are available!!! Dont think the app was updated since I last reviewed, still think it should be more visible and accessible but Im glad its an option.


This app is freaking terrible. Today, every time I clicked on an item and tried to add it to my cart, it just goes back to the top of the page and says it $0.00. It wont allow me to add items to my cart and my entire favorites list has disappeared. Im extremely frustrated and think Im just going to stick to buying my items on my laptop. Its so many bugs and glitches and the few times the app did work, I didnt process my payment the first time even when I checked my account and knew I had the money. This app needs some serious improvements ASAP.

This app is not good now

I cant even swipe down to look at different views and angles of the product, and there is no more filtering so you have to look through every single page until you find what you want. This needs to be fixed ASAP its very annoying.


The slowest shopping app.

Fix the app!!!!

Their old app worked so well and I loved it. I was able to see different pictures of the clothing and now I cant. I also cant add anything to my cart and I cant pick a size of clothing either. Everything seems frozen!!!! Fix this ASAP!


This app and your website are incredibly frustrating. They are practically inoperable. Please do something to fix them!! Still love you...

Needs some help

I love to shop, so I thought that the app would be easier than the website. I was wrong! I found this almost IMPOSSIBLE to use, and I couldnt get anything done. I gave it two stars because it isnt all bad, and Im going to give it a second chance. Try this app, you never know...

Forever 21 Website/App

This is actually for the website but the app seems to be having the same problems. First off I cant search for anything, Ill put in earrings and nothing will come up. Second I cant filter through anything I can only see new this week thats not helpful if Im looking for something specific. Forever 21 is always in disarray and the website is the one place I can find items all together but now the website is like the store.

It doesnt work

Every time I try to add an item to my cart. It doesnt do anything. You cant choose size or anything

Junky app

The app functions very poorly. Every junky UI and useless app.

This app is absolute trash

I cant even add clothes into my cart... How do u have a shopping app that you cant shop on. Every "update" brings more shittier problems Im sick of it

Features dont work

Cannot filter. Cannot use menu to look through categories. Impossible to navigate when half the buttons dont work

Cant look at my orders

Everything was good before the most recent update but now it glitches all the time and I try to review my orders but it wont let me and its extremely annoying I even tried on my computer and I still couldnt

App doesnt work

App use to work but now it doesnt at all nothing searches cant add anything into shopping cart please fix :(

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