Forever 21 App Reviews


Literally the best website ever! I love their clothing and its always shipped fast , inexpensive, good quality and fits my weird shaped body lol! Since I’ve gotten big forever21 is all that fits and makes me happy.

FOREVER 21 is the best!!!



Everything is comfortable and the return process weather in store or online is easy...

Love love love

Love everything about forever21... been shopping here for years and will continue until my body says no more lol

Amazing!! So helpful!! 😊😊😊

So useful and easy to use and has much more selection than in store.

Forever 21 app

Easy to use, check out fest, so many items to choose from, good app, well done!

Best ever

My favorite shipping app Just wish returns were free !!:(


Great clothing, great prices, and I love how often they do free shipping!


There is not and payment selection for a debt card. It says it has a selection for a masters card but there isn’t when you click to pay. So how am I suppose to purchase anything off this app?

I love forever 21!!!!!

Yes it’s great!

Worst App Ever!

All the things I hate about this app: 1) it crashes all the time 2) when you click on the "bag" icon it just keeps saying "hold tight" then after holding tight it displays a blank screen and I can't complete my purchase 3) unable to quickly add items to my favorites list by clicking the heart. In fact there seems to be no favorites anymore. 4) when scrolling through items and I click on one to view it and then I go back to the item list it puts me back to the first item at the beginning of the page then I have to scroll all the way down to where I left off. 5) when adding items to my cart and viewing from the check out page I don't have the option to click on a item to review it again before purchasing. 5) can't zoom in on a item 6) no color names for items that come in various color choices. 7) log screen doesn't work. When you try to log in it brings up the deals page and I'm not able to log in. Bottomline this app has always sucked and this recent update seemed to make things worst.


High quality on best price

NO 10% discount for using app

Got an email saying if I downloaded and placed my first order through the app, 10% would automatically be applied & deducted at the time of check out. Tried to use promo code for other app included in email too. Neither worked. Will delete app after I get my order delivered. Not happy. Don’t send me emails with discounts you’re not going to honor (especially if they involve me setting up a stupid app)

Forever 21

Love this store great prices and quality

Just send mines

I love shopping from my home

Great summer dresses

I love the summer dresses and easy paying on F21

Good , 5 stars

Clothes so beautiful

i cant remove items from cart!!

the app is okay, i would say it is much better and faster than just shopping on their website. their filtering and everything works really well, the only thing is that i can not remove ANY items from my cart. there isn’t even an option to. i’ve searched the whole app for a way to figure it out but there is absolutely nothing. this is extremely frustrating and makes the whole experience terrible. i do not recommend.

Forever 21 app be LIT!!

I installed the app because I wanted the 20% discount. I saw other people getting upset that the 20% didn’t work mine did I think it’s User error lol. Anyways i finally downloaded the app and I didn’t know what I was missing! The find my style feature is FUEGO!🔥🔥🔥🔥I can narrow down what I’m looking for with tapping on the options. You know I be looking for those crop tops and bootay shorts lol it’s hella hot right now. Like 110 outside and I’m melting. But it was so easy to find a cute outfit without having to do the endless scroll. Ain’t no one got time for da!! Lol🤣 One thing is that the wish list has a limit of only 40 items? I mean come on brah? Do you even wish list brah? I know tons of me and my friends add items to the wish list and once there’s a sale BAM...add to cart. You know us millennials...we ain’t shopping till it goes on sale hahah! Come on Forever 21, you have to give us more than just 40 spots! Overall the app is easy to use and it’s easier to then going to the mall. Im hoping that they give more exclusive discounts for people using the app Cos then I’ll never delete it lol!!!


It’s empty’s out your cart after leaving the app or closing the app out, that’s bad. The app can use major updates

I LOVE Forever 21 💕💛

First off I want to say that I love Forever 21 and their selection of plus size items <3! If you’re like me, sometimes you don’t have time to go into the store and that’s why I love using this app. I constantly use this app every time I need to find cute outfits. Tops, jeans, dresses, my whole closet is full of F21 goodies. In this review I want to highlight some of the things that I love and some of the things that might need a little work. Let me start by saying that I love the new discover your style feature. Hopefully this feature gets added to plus size soon! If you haven’t already tried it, please give it a try! I also love how easy this app is to navigate, makes my shopping experience so much better. Their selection of plus size items is also great. Being a plus size woman I always find exactly what I need for every occasion. However, there is one thing I wish would change: the wishlist. I really hope we could get more than 40 items limit soon :) come on girl. Aside from that, this Forever 21 app is by far one of the most enjoyable apps that I use to shop! Give it a try ;)

Easy shopping!

I love the deals I find on forever21 and having the app is just so much easier to find them! Sometimes I wish I could see the fabric in person before purchase but overall a good store!

False Promotion

Got an email from F21 saying to download the App and get 10% off your first order off the app. The discount was supposed to be applied automatically at checkout and it didn’t. The app is a a Waste of phone storage.

Forever 21 App only

I love shopping forever 21 ! So much I decided to download the app. Come to find out the app has bugs , every time you search it fetches your search and while your scrolling through for items it freezes and says” it’s not a valid format” . I find it hard to shop this way

Forever 21

I love forever 21 (: always get the cutest clothes for the right place

Problems with app

Every time I try to enter the application it appears that I can not observe the data ... it only happens with this application.

Failing To Load ‼️‼️

I was looking through the lounge clothing, specifically at the $3.90 leggings. As I was looking through the different colors some wouldn't load at all! Like the light heather grey, coral, and all other colors below that! I'm having other issues with things not loading on the app! Please fix asap. Forever 21 is my favorite go-to place!

Like the app but getting weird pop up

On almost every page it says “the data couldn’t be read because it’s not in the correct format.” Can’t use the search / shop page because nothing loads.

Constant format error...

It’s a great app, but for some reason there is a constant format error when I try add things to my cart, and it will not allow me to add it. After trying a few times it eventually does, but that makes it frustrating to shop

Too many bugs

I love the store and I normally use the app a lot but there's been a bunch of bugs that won't let me open many pages or go anywhere but the home page. Very annoying.

Usually works great but ...

Recently I’ve been getting an error message and makes the app completely unusable. ‘The data could not be read because it isn’t in the correct format.’ The app is up to date and was working just fine this morning.

Love Forever 21 but I can’t use the app anymore

It used to be that every once in a while, I would open the app, and it would say “the data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format”. So I would just refresh the app and it would work fine. Now it does it every time I open the app and it won’t let me use it. But before this happened, it also wouldn’t let me scroll down on the categories list. So, I could only click on the new arrivals, dresses, sale, and tops. Anything else I’d have to manually search for because I couldn’t click on the category. I shop on forever 21 online a lot because there isn’t a store near me. So now that I can’t use it at all, it’s really disappointing.


It always tells me its not the right format & stops loading.

I’m irritated.

I still haven’t gotten my package and it’s been almost 4 weeks.


the app is SUPER glitchy. there was a very long period of time where i couldn’t read any reviews, they just wouldn’t show up. you still can’t write reviews on the app which is a minor inconvenience but the app itself needs major improvements in terms of getting the bugs under control. other than that, it’s a convenient app. i prefer it over the website.

Constant error

the data could be read because it is not in the correct format error iphone


App glitches to many times takes for ever on check out won’t read Apple Pay!

Data not read?

While I’m looking on the app, this box keep showing “data not read being it’s not formatted” over and over again. Please fix

very annoying

this app is horrible. everytime i go into it, it says “data can not be read because its not in the correct format.” it wont let me click on anything. when i redownloaded it, it did the same thing and now its stuck on the loading screen. i love f21 but im very disappointed

It needs work

It’s convenient, but the app constantly has an error pop up while shopping and it got really annoying.

The app keeps having errors

The app doesn’t save what’s in your cart. The app continues saying “data could not be read.” And shows clothes that aren’t in stock. 6/10 keep trying


I constantly receive a message saying “this data could not be read because it isn’t in the correct format.” So often that I cannot even use the app.

Cleared my cart

This app was really good at first and easy to use but I was scrolling through women’s tops and they kept giving me the notification “this data is in the wrong format.” I restart my app because every time I click of this notification, it just pops up again, and i see that f21 completely cleared my whole cart and I can’t stop getting this notification or shop through this app.

Love the site but

Constantly get the message that data can’t be reached because it isn’t in correct format so the app isn’t very useable

needs work

The app could use work It’s super slow and always says error

Dorothy Twitty

I absolutely love forever 21 always comes in as processed and fits me great, not to mention everything is super cute!!!

Online Payment

It would be convenient if Forever21 credit card holders could go into the app and pay their bill.

In store pick up unavailable on app...?

I placed an order and selected in store pick up at the closest F21 near me. When I try to purchase, it tells me to “check the shipping method” or something similar to that. I did that several times, until I gave up and just did it on the website. Worked perfectly fine there, perhaps this is just a glitch on the app.

Forever 21

I love forever 21 I shop her all the time. Everything I buy fits perfectly and good material.


Sooo dope!

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